Wednesday 11 November 2009


I'm beginning to wonder because all the old Tory dinosaurs once more raising their heads above the parapet are doing absolutely nothing to enhance his image to the electorate as someone who will stand up for us.

He was warned about bringing that insufferable, slack-mouthed, self-opinionated old Europhile, Ken Clarke back into the fold, but he didn't listen and brought him back anyway. He felt he needed Clarke to stand up to Mandelson - why? I haven't seen much evidence of any of that yet, besides, Mandelson is in the Lords, Clarke is in the Commons and never the twain shall meet to debate  - so that was a shit idea in the first place and with fuck all practical use!

And, true to form, Ken has been shooting his big mouth off willy-nilly again and dropped Cameron right in it! With friends like that, Dave, who needs enemies?

You can read what I'm ranting about in all its truthful stupidity HERE.

The next thing we hear is that Call Me Dave has been talking to none other than Tarzan about also coming back into the fold - OMG- another one with dodgy dealings, (Westland affair, etc.), Now all we need is for Portillo to come scuttling back and the back-stabbing coven of Tory Party destroyers will be complete!! 

But, hark -  there is something else which is every bit as disturbing as those previously mentioned - a name that none of us thought we would ever hear again spoken in anger! It's just too awful to contemplate.....but it is my terrible duty to have to tell you anyway...........I give you........I'm so sorry.......The Grey Man of politics......John Major!!

And you can read this sorry part of the story HERE.

We are soo fucked!
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Barking Spider said...

Does that mean Edwina is coming back.  I used to like her!

Barking Spider said...

So did Major by all accounts, DL, but these days I think her daughter is more what you're looking for! ;)

Barking Spider said...

Top post, BS. I too am concerned.

Barking Spider said...

Hi Spidey, you guys sure do have a whole bunch of nuts to keep up with.  Major, he's a blast from the past!  I sure hope you get someone 1/2 way decent to help you get out of labours horrid grip!

BTW, thanks for your nice note, it really cheered me up!  You called everything spot on and to the tee!  Plus, I think you must know these demons!  but like you say, bullies are the same everywhere!  I'll send you the choicest bon mots in a day or so.  Bye for now
The devil's hemorrhoid was SPEECHLESS!  Ha, priceless!  Thanks for the "well done"  :-D

Barking Spider said...

My pleasure, Bunni, so glad to hear the devil's pile was speechless.... bwahahahahaha! He needs some Preparation H, or perhaps a pack of Tucks as he descends deeper into the ring of fire - ouch! >:o

I'm looking forward to hearing all the developments - this guy is going to have very sore nuts by the time you're finished kicking them!!! O:-)

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, D, these are the same old corrupted farts we couldn't wait to get rid of in 1997! How on Earth is this supposed to detoxify the Tories!?! The timing also sucks the proverbial big one - these people are obviously incapable of thinking outside of their own little insular protected bubble. Common sense would be very useful right now, but don't hold your breath!! *DONT_KNOW*

Barking Spider said...

The writing was on Daves toilet wall the moment he allowed dirty old Europhilliac Ken 'tired & emotional ' Clarke :-E back on board.

UKIP4me UK UDI :-P .

Barking Spider said...

Cameron says one thing then does another.

1) He's done an about turn on the Lisbon Treaty;
2) Tories are hiring snoopers in Harrow, and might keep the email/internet/phone surveillance programme, while he says he'll roll back the surveillance/database state;
3) He had a go at Brown for parachuting peers into Parliament as Ministers and yet he wants to parachute Hezza (arch Eurofanatic) and John Major (Eurofanatic and arch dope and bore);
4) Lansley wants swine flu jab programmes in schools, despite the dangers of the vaccine and the mildness of the flu.

The list is almost endless.

Clarke said that it would be better if Labour won the GE than the Tories winning with a hung Parliament, so maybe that's what he's aiming for.

Barking Spider said...

Who is Tarzan?

Barking Spider said...

Sorry, this is CB but the login thingy didnt work!

Barking Spider said...

A change of personnel needed everywhere. This lot are a bit long in the tooth to return to "The oldest profession"?

Barking Spider said...

Hi, CB, no worries - Tarzan is that destructive old twat, Michael Hezeltine, God help us!! :(

Barking Spider said...

The only positive thing I can actually say about Ken Clarke is that he usually does tell it how it really is - much to his superiors' chagrin! Everything he says only backs up what we already suspected about Cameron. ;) I'm for UDI - all the way, mate!

Barking Spider said...

I totally agree with everything you've said, Fausty - I no longer know what the Conservatives stand for!

I always had my suspicions that Cameron was a slippery customer and I've seen nothing recently to make me feel any different. We are now entrenched in the socialist dystopia that is the EU and there is no-one in power or likely to be in power in the near future who will even attempt to get us out of it! It's all about them, not us or the Country.

The Conservatives are now also following me on Twatter - I wonder why?! If I were naive enough, I might be flattered, but I'm way beyond that and the fact is, I believe that it is much more likely they don't like what I'm saying!

I am a natural "old style" Conservative voter but I have to say that I have absolutely no empathy with this touchy-feely, greeny-global-warming-bollocks version of the party.

And - how can anyone in the midst of the worst recession since the thirties consider that ring-fencing funds for third world countries would strike any chord whatsoever with the severely put-upon voters of Britain??!! I'm sorry, but charity begins at home in this situation, and as far as corrupt African dictatorships are concerned, I would not give those cunts a fucking penny - the people who need it never get it, for fuck's sake and we need it NOW!!

None of this current shower are to be trusted, Left or "Right"..... we seriously need a clean sweep at Westminster!!

And then they wonder why people are flocking to the BNP!

MPs do not live on the same planet as the rest of us!!! They clearly think that everyone is completely stupid and that they are immensely clever - I have to tell them - any cunt can tell lies but, as Abraham Lincoln said - "You can not fool all of the people all of the time" and you lot have been fucking caught dead to rights!

Rant, snarl, rip, tear!!! >:o

Barking Spider said...

Absolutely, OR, the only problem is that the current leader is no better! :(

Barking Spider said...

Good post Spidey.  No one is Westminster seems to give a damn about what other people want anymore.  

This coming GE is becoming more like being tied up and held captive and told that you are to be injected with one of three deadly diseases; but you have to pick which one you will get so you try to figure out which will be the least painful or which will be the quickest.

The System no longer works.

Barking Spider said...

<span>Thanks Daniel, and great analogy - that's the Country's problem in a nutshell! :( </span>