Wednesday 23 March 2011

Libya Will Remain A Transnational Oil Fiefdom

Ray McGovern was a Federal employee under seven presidents over a period of 27 years, presenting the morning intelligence briefings at the White House for many of them. In February, during a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at at George Washington University, McGovern stood silently with his back turned during her remarks, leading to his arrest and mistreatment at the hands of the police. Here, he talks to Alex Jones about the bombing of Libya.


Sheriff said...

Last night one of our defence chiefs admitted there was no exit strategy.  So far planning seems to have been a pig's ear - can't believe they're so incompetent unless it's by design.  What McGovern says about Bahrain and Yemen rings true.

We run down our Armed Forces, enter defence agreements with the French and hey presto - there's suddenly a test run on co-operation.  Next thing you know they'll be saying they want a tri-lateral pact with Germany to "strengthen co-operation".   A side-effect of all this of course is a massive influx of immigrants into Europe - UK won't be exempt.

Sheriff said...

This shit is insane (current White House administartion that is)!

Hillary Clinton (U.S. Sec. of State?) was bereting the UAE,,well read this,,,

"In a Paris hotel room [last] Monday night, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton found herself juggling the inconsistencies of American foreign policy in a turbulent Middle East. She criticized the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates for sending troops to quash protests in Bahrain even as she pressed him to send planes to intervene in Libya".



Sheriff said...

<span><span>I notice also that during Bush's time as President, the plan was to take out seven troublesome Middle East countries, (whose leadership wouldn't play ball with the NWO agenda), in the course of five years - finishing up with Iran! </span></span> ;) <span><span>  </span></span>
As f</span></span><span><span>ar as I can see, that plan is still being pursued albeit that the timing is slower than originally proposed! </span></span> >:o

Sheriff said...

They are so full of NWO, communitarian shit, Christopher - socialism is a completely contradictory ideaology which utuilises "doublespeak", "doublethink" and every other nasty, negative human trait you care to mention. Black is white, up is down, wrong is right and right is wrong! Lying bastards - and that Clinton is another bad 'un! >:o

Sheriff said...

Christains and Jews say, on earth as it is in Heaven.
NWO-Builderberg (Masons) say, above as it is below.
This is just a time line play for the 2012 Age of Aquarius control of the whole wide world.
South Afarica refused the World monetary system (federal reserve),Mondella was pulled out of prison and put in power, then with the world money sys. the economy went south.
Russia refuses the world money sys., as does North Koria, Iran, Afganistan; and are labeled Axes of Evil.
Thinking of the end times prophesy - all nations go against Israel; these power plays in the Arab geographical area are strategically planned for one thing. Surround Israel for the final showdown.
But they fail and this will be the 3rd world war. Then they will try again for the final showdown, at Me-gid-do.
II Kings 23 explains why this will be the final place for their demise.