Monday 24 January 2011

UN Agenda 21, Or In Cameronspeak....... "Sustainable Communities"

For those of us who were already suspicious of Euroslime Dave before last year's general election it will come as no surprise that he is a fully signed-up member of the New World Order - for those who thought they were not only voting to get rid of Brownfinger and Labour but to elect a Conservative government, please read on.......


Agenda 21
Agenda 21 means the end of all private ownership, so you can say goodbye to your home, car and a lot more of life's little luxuries that we take for granted in a free society. Agenda 21 means living on the "breadline" within your "Local Communities", survival will be difficult as we try to survive on the most basic and minimal of resources and food will be in short supply. We will have compulsory "smart meters" installed in our homes to control and ration the energy we use, we will have "carbon credits" and we will also not be allowed to travel outside our communities without an extremely good reason for doing so!

How do you like it so far? 
This is what has already been planned for all of us in the UK and preparations are now underway in the US for the forced relocation of Americans to these highly controlled "communities" as in some parts of the country large sections of freeways have had their exit roads closed off permanently, leaving many populated towns practically isolated and killing off local businesses.

This map shows the ultimate goal of New World Order Agenda 21 in America


1) "Pension Work Related Placement"
This means you will have to work for your Pension Money in a private or Government work placement programme. Basically in the NWO system you will work until you are dead.
2) "Mandatory Work Related Activity"
This means that if you are unemployed, you will work for any benefits you receive. These would be government-supported, agreed work placements.
3) "A Nation of Volunteers"
This means we will be a nation of unpaid, slave labour.

4) "Big Society"
This means the people doing the work of the Government, like working voluntarily in your local library or working in what were previously local government jobs on a voluntary basis - slave labour again.
5) "Universal Credits"
This means any earnings will now be paid directly into your bank account by the government, minus income tax and any money you may owe,  like court fines, child maintenance etc.. Interesting to note that even people in "slave work" placements will be paid in Universal Credits.
6) "The Digital Citizen"
This means that every home within the UK will be online - like the current government website(s) gone mad on steroids - Big Brother will be watching you! This is one reason that there are cameras on computers nowadays, people will be "interviewed"/ interrogated in their own homes over the internet and if you don't submit to this totalitarianism........ they will simply stop your Universal Credits.

Many groups and organisations, both political and resistance movements, are now advising British people to seriously consider leaving the UK, (and the EU), while they still have the chance.

You can also read Andrew Breitbart's, (and just look what happened to him when he got in their way), excellent take on Agenda 21 here.


Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban On 
UN Agenda 21

Alabama became the first state to adopt a tough law protecting private property and due process by prohibiting any government involvement with or participation in a controversial United Nations scheme known as Agenda 21. Activists from across the political spectrum celebrated the measure’s approval as a significant victory against the UN “sustainability” plot, expressing hope that similar sovereignty-preserving measures would be adopted in other states as the nationwide battle heats up.

The Alabama Senate Bill (SB) 477 legislation, known unofficially among some supporters as the “Due Process for Property Rights” Act, was approved unanimously by both the state House and Senate. After hesitating for a few days, late last month Republican Governor Robert Bentley finally signed into law the wildly popular measure — but only after heavy pressure from activists forced his hand.

Virtually no mention of the law was made in the establishment press. But analysts said the measure was likely the strongest protection against the UN scheme passed anywhere in America so far. The law, aimed at protecting private property rights, specifically prevents all state agencies and local governments in Alabama from participating in the global scheme in any way.

“The State of Alabama and all political subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in, or traceable to ‘Agenda 21,’ ” the law states, adding a brief background on the UN plan hatched at the 1992 “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro.

The people of Alabama acting through their elected representatives — not UN bureaucrats — have the authority to develop the state’s environmental and development policies, the official synopsis of the law explains. Therefore, infringements on the property rights of citizens linked to “any other international law or ancillary plan of action that contravenes the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Alabama” are also prohibited under the new measure.


Sheriff said...

I suspect that like many other bollockspeak agendae, they will never be able to get it to work.

The problem with overpopulation is that there are plenty of spare people around with nothing better to do than think up shite like this.

Sheriff said...

Well in America they will first have to take our guns and with that they will surely have a fight on their hand's.

Sheriff said...

Spidey the last four traitorous PMs have been quietly, though Blair :-P  went industrial strength, slipping waves of proto-Alinskyists into the country who will love agenda 21= sharia=NOAHide. The commie fuckers!! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o  Maggie may have had her faults and might be as mad as a corkscrew in a chimp house, but she was taken out by the muppturds because she gave them the big V :) :) :) :) .

Sheriff said...

This is a horrible agenda, Spidey, as you know.  I am very mad at Eurodave.  He's nothing but a commie NWO shill, like all elected crooks are.  That map is very scary.  I'm glad Brietbart is picking up on this in USA.  Not enough people in USA know about this.  We are really screwed.  They want us to volunteer for credits. WTF, I don't volunteer for ANYTHING, except to spit in their faces and kick them in the nuts!  This really sucks, as you know.  How depressing, it truly does get worse every day.  And, now that China is overtaking us, we are REALLY screwed. >:o   It's enough to drive a person to drink.

Sheriff said...

Jesus Spidey, you're just trying to cheer me up - right?

Still, I've got a bit of faith in the Brits yet. Those fuckwits in Westminster and Whitehall will discover (to their personal cost) that an irate and justifiably outraged Englishman with a length of lead piping to hand has the edge over a soft coddled Etonian twat and his acolytes. I don't know what the catalyst will be (maybe £8 a gallon for petrol....) but it's on its way.

Sheriff said...

Most of the Tory faithful are still wearing their blinkers, Spidey, although the mood has turned rather sour for those who believed that voting Tory at the GE was the only hope of getting McDoom out of office.

The Tory faithful don't seem to realise that the currency of politicians is language. They persuade, lie, frame ... and write laws - all involving a deep understanding of language and language manipulation.

The faithful seem to be happy to accept Cameron's hope tokens, dropped like crumbs from a banquet table. They haven't yet learned to judge these b@stards by their deeds, rather than their words.  The "cast iron" pledge lesson hasn't quite made it into their decision making processes.

They haven't noticed the simiarlities between what is happening in America and the western world to what is happening here.  They haven't noticed that Public-Private Partnerships equate to fascism, or that Community Organisers are change agents of the Common Purpose ilk.

They still largely trust their government, believing that "conspiracy theorists" are nutters because the government would never get away with it. Who do they think, I wonder, is going to stop the government getting away with it?  The media? Their MPs?

Sheriff said...

The only way that this will happen is if everyone stands around and does nothing.
Organize and hold meetings in your neighbourhoods; and then take all your thoughts to the other side of the town-and or country. No emails, No phone calls. Person to Person comunications. Sorry you don't have what little freedom left that we have; with your law about psychological analyze, you had better be careful.

Sheriff said...

Bunni what's the news on Hu's visit with Soetoro? Bob Chapman is giving mixed signals on some of his most recent ramblings. One minute Hu's been lead piped in the White House by the twelve, the next minute Hu's been promised USofA corp land, which just happens to be in the red and yellow bits near the West Coast on the map Spidey posted!! I hear Idaho mentioned. Years ago it was Panama canal, then San Diego docks now..what? Commies!!!!!! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o  To misquote Chesty Puller "Commies all around us. Now we know their names, bring it on :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D "

Sheriff said...

Incoming, whatever it is, it's not good.  Hu punked bammy, and rubbed his nose in it.  Flying red commie flags on Const. ave., playing disrespectful songs, etc. etc. Telling him in so many words to butt out of  all their awful policies.  I & many good conservatives see this for what it is, and it's NOT GOOD!

Sheriff said...

I hope you're right, Dioclese, I certainly won't go down without a fight and hopefully there will be enough of those spare people who feel the same way and who don't want to wake up dead when they end up as part of the NWO depopulation agenda. >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Sheriff said...

Way to go, Christopher and don't they just know it - so don't ever let that bastard, Obama, and his Lefty Demotard apparatchiks take your weapons away to make their stinking agenda easier to implement! ;) :-P :-P

Sheriff said...

Bang on the money again, INCOMING!!!!!!!, and that traitorous twat, Major, has been shooting his EUSSR mouth off again with Euroslime Dave's blessing....... Grrrr! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Not too long before it all kicks off in earnest, methinks, and the politicians cower in fear once more - what the scheming cunts do best! :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

Sheriff said...

I know, Caractacus, I'm just such a cheerful soul that I want to share my happiness of living in Britain - the one true beacon of world democracy! Not! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

I'm longing for the fightback to kick off, mate - I honestly can't stand much more of the way things are! :-P :-P :-P

Sheriff said...

That's it in a nutshell, Fausty, as you know, I stopped believing anything these fake Tories, especially Euroslime Dave, said shortly after the general election - in fact, I've neither liked nor trusted him since the time he took over as the leader of the party - he has, unfortunately, simply confirmed all my suspicions of him and now we're stuck with the slimy fucker until the next election by which time I sincerely UKIP have become a force to be reckoned with, having amassed another load of disaffected Conservative defectors as both party members and voters. :-P

Sheriff said...

You're not kidding, TS/WS, they can simply lock you away in a loony bin by getting their tame psychiatrists to have you sectioned. >:o >:o >:o

There will be some event or government/EU tactic that turns out to be the catalyst that kicks it all of and then there will be serious trouble - it's just a matter of when! :-P :-P :-P

Sheriff said...

lol you havn't got any clue you follow blindly into conspiracy theory such a n00b. I was searching for a creadable agenda 21 facts and stumble accros your 'site' 

<span>Agenda 21 is an action plan of the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development and was an outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans directly affect the environment.</span>

Sheriff said...

I know exactly what Agenda 21 is, you thick, Lefty knobend - I have posted on the subject before and this post is just another aspect of the whole, rotten agenda. If you download the PDF, (as I have), you would see what lies in store for us because of this "communitarian" obscenity, from confiscation of privately-owned property and forced relocation to population reduction of 90% to 95%. So..... you can either carry on dreaming about conspiracy theories or WAKE UP, you idiotic twat! >:o >:o >:o

Sheriff said...

By the way, your reasoning power is about as good as your spelling ability. :-D

Sheriff said...

Well said Spidey, what an ignorant trotty troll!

Sheriff said...

Thanks, Bunni, his punctuation is shit, too! :-D

Love the pic! :-P

Sheriff said...

Yes I admit my spelling is atrocious I apologise if it offended your sensibilities..
I'm just interested in your views on the topic. 
If this issue means so much to you what action are you taking, apart from the web site?    
Is anthropogenic induced climate change also a scheme created by the NWO to push it's agenda? 
Unfortunately for you agenda 21 has been ratified by 179 nations at the Rio summit, does this mean each signatory country will impose sanctions highlighted? How could that be imposed in say... Sudan or India? The sheer logistics of moving that amount of people, or is the relocation after the fluoride poisoning?
If this is a socialist, lefty, Marxist agenda then why have so many right wing controlled countries began to implement the devilish scheme? For example the Union for a Popular Movement, Fidesz, Progress party, Popular party, the former two are far right parties. Does this mean that every leading party no matter what their political stance plan to subjugate the 7 billion people on the planet?

Thanks and and apologies if I offended you with the n00b statement and whatnot. 

Sheriff said...

AGW is the scheme they dreamed up to implement their plans and it is a downright lie - plus, of course, people like Gore have made a fortune out of it.

LibLabCon, they are all pretty much the same - Left and Right are nothing but a sideshow to keep the unsuspecting plebs occupied with unimportant trivia while they proceed further along the route towards turning us all into slaves.

Cameron's clique would be more accurately described as a Social Democrat government because they are certainly not Conservatives - not in the true sense. The communitarian EU is the big experiment for future world government based at the UN.

And don't believe for one minute that the outbreak of protests for "democracy" all over the Middle East are anything other than CIA/MI6 scheming, meddling and stirring up trouble themselves to achieve their goal. It's obvious to me, (and others), that this is all geared towards EU expansion into North Africa for their already-planned Mediterranean Zone and so the New World Order/One World Government agenda marches on.

When you finally see what they're doing, as I finally did, it's impossibe to "unsee" it - stand back and take a look at the big picture - things that at face value seem totally unconnected are all part of the same agenda and you can connect the dots. What do you think they discuss at the Bilderberg Group conferences? The Bilderbergers have already given the go-ahead for a future attack on Iran because they are the ones pulling the strings and, wait for it,  Cameron and Osborne are both members.

Sea levels won't be rising anytime soon either as the real data from thousands of scientists who are not NWO/government funded shows, so they will never have the need to relocate seven billion people. To take that thought a little further, would you be surprised if they achieved their aim of 95% reduction of the world's human population by using dodgy vaccines, other pharmaceuticals, withdrawal of treatment for people who don't meet their requirements, (old people, obese people, smokers, to name but three and which we've already seen happening), or even limited nuclear strikes? I wouldn't - none of those scenarios would surprise me one little bit!

Don't take any of their bullshit at face value, question their motives for everything they do and dig for the readily-available information - before they censor the internet, too.

Sheriff said...

Hi there, I  stumbled across "Agenda 21" just yesterday while trying to get an insight on the goverments invovement in the unusual deadly string of tornadoes (and other disasters around the world) and Im starting to connect the dots now...well I think. I must tell you I am a lil scared for my family...wich only empowers me to prepare, fight and pray ...but my heart s a lil broke .