Saturday 15 January 2011

Jared Loughner In His Own Words - Video Shows He Is Mentally Unstable

A YouTube video that prompted the suspension of Tucson shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner in September was released on Friday by officials at Pima Community College and included rambling statements such as "We are examining the torture of students" and "This is genocide in America".

The video, no longer on the website, was released to The Times following a public records request and offers the extended example of Loughner's voice.

A campus police officer who saw the video "positively recognized the voice and the reflection in the window as student Jared Loughner", according to a school police report. That same officer had removed Loughner from his biology class Sept. 23 after a disruptive outburst.

The video titled "Pima Community College School - Genocide/Scam - Free Education - Broken United States Constitution" was created shortly after the biology class incident in which Loughner was escorted to an administrator's office, campus police said. It was taped on the college campus, according to school police.

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Sheriff said...

That guy is crazier than squirell poop!  NUTS!  I'm glad these vids are coming out now.
There also are photos the cops have of him posing in a red thong with a gun in very psycho poses.
I would be interested to see those photo's, for a good laugh.  I know they're out there somewhere, and if anyone
can find them, you can Spidey! 

Sheriff said...

You got that right, Bunni - I've been looking for those pics everywhere but the cops seem to be doing a good job of not leaking them....... so far! ;) :-P