Sunday 2 January 2011

Chavrecycler - The UAF's Ultimate You Tube Hypocrite: UPDATED

For all those who love to see him cry when people call him a paedophile, just check out some of his very own paedophile comments within this video, the fucking hypocrite.......



"I've had enough of the Free Speech bullshit regarding these comments. If you make them, they will be deleted from Comments, and displayed here. The BNP/National Front have a different attitiude about lowlife behaviour, claiming it their right. Not round here."

His chavrecycler channel had been suspended/removed but is now back up and running, (what a surprise), and  he also uses multiple channels - chavrecycling, gollumwithabeard, mrbobbywindsor, CSG/NCR-Canadian Section, plus many more - yet he  continually bleats about other people who do exactly the same thing!


Oh, dear - now it's flippantly trying to pretend that it's not "bovvered"!
And here it is again!
 And again

Is it just me or is it sounding a bit desperate/panicky?

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Sheriff said...

"Of course I debate," said ChavRecycler.  I think he missed out the word 'mass'.

I can't be bothered with these trolls, Spidey, they give me laughs but otherwise take up energy needed elsewhere.

Sheriff said...

I know exactly what you mean, GV, but I want this cunt's balls in a sling - the sort of sling that David used against Goliath - and after the aforementioned balls had been removed with something blunt and rusty! :-P ;)

Sheriff said...

Guys a typical UAF troll, a hypocrite to the core and stands opposed to pretty much anything that is good and true in England. Hence his love for the Islamic cult with its inherrent misogyny, homophobia and resistance to any civilised values.

Sheriff said...

That's him to a tee, QM, got him in one! ;)

Have you noticed that these twats all have the same handful of slogans and they use them ad nauseam? They really do have absolutely nothing to say - except for the bollocks and bile drummed into them by their brainwashers! They just keep recycling the same half dozen "points" over and over again while they clearly have no idea how stupid and irritating they appear to other people who are able to think for themselves. :-P 8-)

Sheriff said...

If I ever meet him I'll let you know by sending you a parcel in the post - plain wrapper of course.  They're all the same, Spidey and as one goes down another pops up.  Sometimes I think they're actually paid to  voice their opinions though I find it hard to believe in this open and democratic society we have.  The UAF trollsters spout more hate speech than any other group of people I've come across in the blogosphere.  Good luck at bringing him/her down.

Sheriff said...

I'll look forward to receiving that parcel, GV, just make sure whatever implement you use is very rusty and extremely blunt! :-D

You're right, these twats all work for Labour/SWP/UAF/Common Purpose and Cameron is still funding the latter two of those four! >:o

After Andrew Gatward and Neil Lees, this specimen is next on the list - and the tide seems to be turning a little bit with their hate speech - seems it can come back to bite them more than it did before Labour got the boot! ;)

Thanks, GV. :)

Sheriff said...

Thanks for the warning Barking. This is the type of individual that I put my religion aside and beat the living crap out of if a chance encounter presents itself.

I am curious though, given that statement, as to how close that encounter may be, being I see Canada mentioned? You see, I am but 10 minutes away from Windsor,Ontario, Canada and in need of some venting.

Sheriff said...

My pleasure, Christopher, this twat has annoyed so many people that he's been promised and will get a brisk rub down with a brick as soon as he is tracked down - and the net is closing! ;) :-P

Typical commie, too - all mouth and no trousers - he's panicking like fuck at the moment, paranoid that his real identity is exposed - and it will be! :-P :-P :-P :-D

That other Lefty site is run by a Canadian piece of shit calling herself "Dierassistische", although we just call it "Direracist" - all the commie cunts from all over the place, (Chav lives in London and is UAF scum), go to that channel to get their instructions for whose videos they should flag for their glorious leader, Direracist. >:o >:o >:o

Pity you're not close enough to do some personal venting on the Chavpaedo - but you can be sure I'll let you know when he keeps his meeting with all the people who want to feed him bricks in every orifice - he works on building sites so there should be plenty of bricks lying around for the job! :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P ;) O:-)

Sheriff said...

Hi, Bunni, he really is such a boring twat - sometimes I spend ages winding him up on You Tube - which is great fun, but I don't always have the time to do it. He's also been really quiet recently - that will be because he's at panic stations - methinks he's expecting to be found soon - oh, dear, what a pity, never mind! ;) :-D :-P :-P :-P O:-)

I love "Chav's Logo", by the way - I've saved that one for future use. 8-)

Happy New Year, (of the Rabbit), Bunnikins! :)

Sheriff said...

Barking, Since we were aquinted I have never, I mean NEVER known you to mislead me and I intend to hold you to this standard.

When I speak of my proxcimity to Canada I do not jest. Futhermore, I have family there being my Da (Dad) was born there.

If all people of God and freedom are to work together no matter the pond,,well we need addreses!

Sheriff said...

No problem, mate, that's the way things will stay and names and addresses will always be posted as soon as I'm 100% sure that my information is completely accurate. ;)

Sheriff said...

"<span>a brisk rub down with a brick"?  I think that is a measured and appropriate response.</span>

Sheriff said...

Absolutely, Nickie, no knee-jerk reactions or anything over the top! ;) :-P

Sheriff said...

He's going off the rails on the crazy train. and posting spammy comments on your YT channel.  He also had the nerve to mark my lovely comment as SPAM, the tard!  You have to click on a thing to see it.
That logo is too good for him!  Here's another kitteh who has his number  ;)

Sheriff said...

Makes you wonder about the mindset of some people and what they get off on.

Sheriff said...

Thanks Spider

Sheriff said...

He's in full panic mode, Bunni, they use that old spam-flagging tactic all the time on YT and always I make a point of clicking on those comments because 99.9% of them are not spam at all, merely damned good, straight-to-the-point remarks and put-downs to which the rancid Lefty bastards have no pre-programmed replies! :-P 8-)

Sheriff said...

My pleasure, Trestin. ;)