Thursday 17 December 2009



Once again we can thank Russia Today for this straightforward, unbiased report on the Copenhagen three-ring circus where the clown act arrived today in the shape of Gordon Brown. We can count ourselves lucky that this world domination fiasco is falling apart like a clown's car with the wheels having come off on the first day. Personally speaking, I have no wish to live in their global communist dystopian living Hell! .

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Barking Spider said...

This chap really knows his stuff, as you say it is odd that it takes Russia Today to give him a voice.
Gordon Brown arrives in Copenhagen to riots and tear gas :'( ( just what the protetsters wanted, natch ),  Russia condemns CRU manipulation of data collected from  weather stations in Russia :-E , China says "it sees no possibility of reaching an operational accord this week" :-D ,  Al Gores bollox about mosquitos is blown ( though we did that on some bloggs weeks ago ) =-O  and the US Department Of Energy instructs all its employees and contracters to retain ANY and ALL material, in whatever medium, that might relate to AWG.climategate in the clear expectation of lawsuits starting to fly :-D .
 ( hope you get a crap one Phil Jones :-P )

Barking Spider said...

What a fucking debacle, mate, excuse me while I laugh my leg off - it pleases me greatly to see them getting exactly what they deserve. And as usual, when the left-wing don't get what they want, there is no such thing as a peaceful protest and violence erupts. 

Phil Jones and some of the other corrupt bastards involved with this monumental con must be bricking it as they haven't managed to sweep it all under the carpet the way they thought could do.

There are a lot of lefty twats over the last 12 years who would look great in the dock, whether in the Supreme Court or at a War Crimes Tribunal......bwahahaha! :-P

Barking Spider said...

Hi Spidey,
This video is great.
I've been tending to Christmas stuff for the past few days and have only been on-line a little bit of time.  Glad I took time to stop by and see your post.
I just did a short post with a video of Lord Monckton interviewing Greenpeace global warming activitists with an attached story about Russia's statements on the IPCC.  It looks like there is a lot of trouble going on in Copenhagen...I just wish somebody would tell Obama to stay home.
Think I'll lift your video for my Facebook with a h/t to you.
Hope you're enjoying the holidays.  This crap we spend our time blogging about can sure put a damper on it all. *DONT_KNOW*

Barking Spider said...

hah! Snotty may get delayed from returning due to a big freeze!

Barking Spider said...

Green summed that up quite well ... "It's about the money".

Barking Spider said...

McScrooge......stuck in Copenhagen.......God bless us every one, OR! :-D

Barking Spider said...

<span>He's such a delusional twat, James! :-D </span>

Barking Spider said...

<span>It sure is, Odie, as Old Rightie always says, "follow the money"! ;) </span>

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, TCL, I've seen the video of Lord Monckton - he really is so excellent in his approach to these indoctrinated morons! ;)

I saw the Russia Today report on TV earlier today where only 25% of Russian data was used to manipulate the IPCC's findings in their own favour - to say that the Russians are annoyed would, I think, a serious understatement! :-E

By all means please feel free to lift anything anytime and thanks for the h/t, TCL.

I'll probably go into Christmas mode next week sometime when all the politicians/twats go on holiday at our expense!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, TCL. :)

Barking Spider said...

We have McDoom to thank for sinking Copenhagen it's his particular specialty!

Another great find, Spidie!

Farage has a go at climate change and Pachauri on the Alex Jones show. He's no shrinking violet! Powerful stuff.

Barking Spider said...

How right you are, Guest - he was, until recently, the leader of UKIP, and only stood down to stand against the current Speaker in the general election next year.

UKIP is the political party that Lord Monckton has now joined and their present leader is Lord Pearson, another oustanding climate change sceptic and Eurosceptic who really knows what he's talking about.  ;)

Barking Spider said...

Speaking of moronic clowns in copenhagen,
did you see this Spidey!
It's too freakin' hilarious

What a couple of clueless twats....kind of an analogy for the whole nopenhagen fiasco, wouldn't you agree?