Saturday 19 December 2009




GORDON Brown was yesterday accused of signing a £500billion death warrant for Britain’s economy in his desperate quest for a climate change deal.

The Prime Minister has offered a dramatic 42 per cent cut to 1990 levels of carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2020. His pledge – the biggest reduction proposed by any western industrialised nation – was made despite a continuing debate about whether mankind is to blame for climate change

Ignoring the dire state of the country’s finances and record Government borrowing figures announced yesterday, Mr Brown has already pledged to hand over £7.5billion to an international fund to help poorer countries cope with climate change.. He made the 42 per cent offer in a bid to give the flagging talks in Copenhagen a fresh impetus with world leaders, including US President Barack Obama, trying to find a face-saving formula on the last day. If he succeeds, he will be able to claim that he saved the planet much as he boasted of having “saved the world” over the banking crisis.

But the TaxPayers’ Alliance warned that achieving the target would require the economy to be slashed by 30 per cent from expected levels. It argues that without a technological miracle in the next 10 years, the only way to achieve the cuts is to shrink the economy. It says existing technology – such as new nuclear plants – will not be ready by 2020 and there is not enough time to develop new ones sufficiently to have an impact by then.

The Alliance’s research director Matthew Sinclair said: “It is absolutely incredible that Gordon Brown is still pledging ever more extreme and expensive cuts on Britain’s behalf.  “The Government are relying on rapid economic growth to help restore the public finances to health, but meeting such an ambitious target could require a recession of unprecedented ferocity.  Governments shouldn’t sign up to targets unless they have a plan to meet them. They definitely shouldn’t sign a death warrant for the British economy.” He added: “You will not be able to maintain any substantial manufacturing industry. There will be a huge increase in energy costs, pushing the average family to the brink. The 42 per cent target would also require big reductions in driving.”

Brown’s offer is 10 times as deep as the cut promised by President Obama for America, which produces about 25 per cent of the world’s man-made carbon dioxide with just four per cent of the population. The cuts are likely to require controversial measures such as more wind turbines, road pricing and green taxes.


So where the fuck is the evil bastard now - anyone seen Gordon? He disappeared very quickly having jabbed his nail-bitten finger at several world leaders when he didn't get his own way!

Tantrums, tantrums, Gordon - don't throw all your toys out of the pram!! No one is going to like you if you do that - oh, wait, nobody has ever liked you, the man who has run the Country the same way as he did with his own bank account when he was at school and then later at university - writing cheques you didn't have the funds to cover, Gordon, just as you're continuing to do now with your ludicrous pledges of stupid amounts of money the Country doesn't have, thanks to you!

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Barking Spider said...

I understand his new elephant meds are causing manic bouts of depression more frequently.

Barking Spider said...

He evidently still hasn't quite sealed his place at the Big Table of Everything. Even the NWO think he's a useless global gonad munching cunt, which means more bad news for us as he tries to show them he's got cojones. 

He's been on His radio station today though (Five Live - shock horror). So sadly, he's not showing signs of having advanced liver cancer yet. 

Barking Spider said...

It's not Brown's plan, it's the EU. He has backed an EU wide 20% reduction on 1990 emission levels and pencilled in his backing for a 30% cut. As our emissions have increased quite a bit since 1990, to get to 20% less than 1990 means a 34% reduction and to get to 30% less requires a 42% reduction. In 10 years.

The industrial devolution is upon us.

Barking Spider said...

Brown is a spiteful bastard, Gareth, he knows he is to be confined to the dustbin of history come the election and he is out to wreck as much as he can for his own self-gratification.

He is now making sure that the next government faces a monumental task of his making - he was a shit Chancellor, he is an even worse PM, if that's possible and he hates everything British, especially the indigenous population!

Barking Spider said...

Spidey, it is a given that he's a moonbeam swallowing muppet grade suicide aardvark. However the spewings are his handlers bosses' scripted droppings for the masses. So WTF do they know is coming round the corner?

Barking Spider said...

A hell of a lot more than they're telling us, INCOMING!!!!!!!, for fucking sure! >:o

Barking Spider said...

Did the "accord" need signing? Could it be that the uber cunt pledged vast sums because he knew he'd be out of office by the time the treaty was ratified?

Monckton thinks this treaty's a goner and that this time next year, there'll be little or no talk of climate change. I hope he's right.

No doubt, there'll be some new bank bailout scheme to replace it - a space that needs watching.

Barking Spider said...

You are not kidding, Fausty, according to this piece on Lord Monckton's website,, he seems to think that they have achieved what they set out to achieve while dressing it up with walkouts, arguments, dissent and last minute scrabbling around to make it appear that they hadn't done so merely to throw us lesser mortals off the scent! =-O

Barking Spider said...

I can't disagree with a word you say, Teresa. ;)

Barking Spider said...

Hi Spider,
stopping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I wish you well and all the best in the New Year!

Barking Spider said...

Thanks for dropping by, Darlin, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you, too. :-D

Barking Spider said...

Granted Obama is lower-than-whale-shit stupid, but how do dunderheads like Brown get elected?

Barking Spider said...

Ah, now there's a very good question - after he pushed that other slimy cunt Blair out of the job, CB, he was only ever appointed as leader, (unopposed), by his own party who were bullied into submission and he then became our Prime Minister by default. It was a total fait accomplis as the British public were never given the opportunity to have their say on the matter in an election.

He's going to find out in the next few months how loathed and detested he really is when that general election comes down on him like a ton of bricks. He will, unfortunately, spiteful cunt that he is, try to do as much damage as he can before he is booted out! >:o

Barking Spider said...

I Love when you give a big pissed off rant, Spidey! :-P
Gordon & Obummer deserve each other!  Just hopping by to say hello and kitty wants to tell you something too

Enjoy your time off, but I bet I speak for all your readers when I say "we miss you"!

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, Bunni, and another far-too-cute kitty saved to my kitty folder, too! :-D

The old batteries are recharging nicely at the moment and I shall be back with a vengeance, ranting like hell very soon!! ;) O:-)