Friday 17 June 2011

Far-Left Comment Censorship On You Tube Channels: Two Fixes

The reason for the current comments censorship on You Tube is that there has been yet another vindictive campaign by the usual far-Left muppets, (UAF/NCR, etc.), who spy on the rest of us and flag videos on YT. 

The only free speech they tolerate is their own and they label anyone who disagrees with their totalitarian tactics as "Nazis" so, because they are incapable of intelligent debate and constantly get slaughtered by people who can think for themselves instead of quoting dogma and slogans from the commie Internet Manual for Lefty Twats, they have had the whole channel comment system neutered. 

They are a bunch of snivelling cowards led by a really nasty piece of work calling itself "Dierassistische" - check out its YT channel and you'll see what I mean. The following comment has since been deleted because, now that You Tube have actually removed the "Post Comment" button, it is attempting to bury its own shit - but, as usual, it still stinks.......

Google bends over backwards to appease these socialist twats which is the real reason why the comment button has disappeared. The only other possibility is that one of their hackers, (who, by all accounts, are not very good), sent You Tube a bug to get rid of the button.

There are, however, ways to get around this undemocratic censorship.
1) First of all, go to the channel that you want to leave a comment on. Then copy the text below into the browser address bar:


'TYPE COMMENT HERE', false, 10);

Where it says - TYPE COMMENT HERE - remove and add your own comment and then refresh the page


 2) If you use Firefox 3.6, this fix will put the "Post Comment" button  back exactly where it would normally appear if the spineless, commie idiots hadn't gone off shrieking and bleating to You Tube. You can find the text file mentioned in the video HERE.

And here's the proof it works - I left a little love note for Chavrecycling, (which he will probably delete when he finds it - immediately after shitting himself when he realises that his lord and master, Direracist, is neither as brilliant nor infallible as he previously thought).......



Well, now - You Tube is back to normal so the stupid commie fuckwit's "masterplan" only worked for a grand total of two days - even less if you count the two fixes above which were available very quickly after the  Lefty bug first appeared!



Sheriff said...

Thanks for the ReTweet, MI. :)

Sheriff said...

Solid from the neck up, MM. :-D :-P

Sheriff said...

Bunch of snivelling cowards seems strong language but I think it's apt.

Sheriff said...

Those lousy facist twats!  Glad you figured a away around the nazi's.
It's all fixed now, so they can go pound sand.
Google is full of crap to always side with these freaks.

Sheriff said...

It's so much fun blowing their stupid, empty boasts right out of the water, Bunni - they're like the sort of little twats at school who make pie-in-the-sky plans to get back at the hard kids who make fools of them all the time....... only to get beaten up by those very same hard kids...... again! ;) :-D :-P :-P :-P

Sheriff said...

You know me, James, I'm not one for diplomacy - I just call it how I see it. ;) :-D :-P :-P :-P

Sheriff said...

excellent as usual Spideylove the 'fixes' just sorry I am too late to join the fun!

Sheriff said...

I've noticed since this happened, when you type in channel comments, they are very very faint, and you can't even see what your typing.  When you post them, then they read out normal, so the twats still continue to F things up!