Thursday 16 June 2011

Pat Condell: Islamic Cultural Terrorism

 Go, Pat, go....... he's really pissed off, now, and he's not alone.......


Sheriff said...

Pat is a Treasure.  It's so great he tells the REAL truth about what is going on.
Everyone is sick of the gov't lefties covering up for these savages.
Go Pat Go!  Great video, Spidey ;)

Sheriff said...

Thanks, Bunnikins, Pat tells it just how it really is! ;) :-P

Sheriff said...

I am sure that Pat will get his own slot on all news channels in the near future ;). Mainstream media as well as politicians are totally complicit in the breakdown our British values.

Sheriff said...

If only we had an independent MSM that investigated what's actually going on instead of the current Lefty shower who are simply toeing the government line, then Labour would never have been able to get away with their traitorous actions for thirteen years as they would have been subject to public scrutiny and unceremoniously kicked out at the earliest available opportunity.

I'd love to see Pat on mainstream media telling everyone how it really is but I'm not holding my breath.

He's more likely to be given airtime on Russia Today who, I'm delighted to say, get right up the Lefty MSM's collective noses by providing a platform for opposing views to socialist/communitarian, NWO policy and defying the government/MSM censorship that is the norm.

The US MSM hate RT with a passion so you know they've got it right. ;)